ABOUT our fitness retreats

Our fitness retreats

XPLR brings like minded guests together for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. Our luxury retreats are designed to help you escape your daily routines and connect with new people who are passionate about improving their health and wellbeing. You can expect fantastic accommodation, great food, and a wide range of fun activities. We want our guests to make the most of their holiday which is why we encourage you to check out the ‘optional extras’ available to you at each destination, as well as factor in some down time for you to lay back, relax and find your sense of calm. Our team of expert hosts and trainers will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience, leaving you wanting more. Join an XPLR Retreat today!

people running on the beach on a wellbeing retreat
meditation and yoga practice at sunset on the beach

Body, Mind, Social

Going on a fitness retreat has many benefits for health, fitness, and social reasons. Firstly, it can help kick-start a healthy lifestyle, as participants learn new skills and techniques to improve their fitness and nutrition habits. Secondly, it can help improve fitness levels, as individuals engage in physical activities that challenge and strengthen their bodies. Thirdly, it can improve mental health and reduce stress levels, as participants are encouraged to relax and take time for themselves.

Our fitness retreats are an excellent way to connect with others, giving you the opportunity to make new friends and be part of a supportive community of individuals who are all striving towards a healthier, happier life. The world is yours to XPLR.






What to expect

Luxurious accommodation

Delicious food to fuel your body

Mindset and wellbeing discussions

Varied daily workouts 

Fun activities

Every night is party night

Pre- and post- retreat calls with your hos


Quintessentially British, offering grandeur and elegance, this active retreat is perfect for those looking for a shorter escape to the coast. Incredible accommodation and fun activities will fill your weekend – you will not want to go home. In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of peace and prioritising self-care has become increasingly vital for our overall wellbeing. Our active retreats will benefit you both physically and mentally, encompassing all areas of your wellbeing which contribute to a comprehensive and enriching journey towards self-care. By immersing yourself in our active retreats, you can recharge, find balance and return to daily life feeling revitalised and inspired. Embark on our extraordinary adventures and discover the blissful benefits of investing in yourself. XPLR with us.


The ultimate fitness retreat. The Maldives is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean with crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning white sand beaches, making it the perfect location for fitness enthusiasts seeking an idyllic backdrop for their workouts. Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore. A place of calm and tranquillity. This is the perfect opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. The serene surroundings coupled with experienced wellness coaches, provide an ideal environment for introspection and self-discovery. A fitness retreat should be a transformative experience that nurtures both your physical and mental wellbeing. Active retreats have never looked this good and we can't wait to share these adventures with you.


Welcome to the idyllic beauty of Santorini, where fitness, mindset, and wellbeing converge for an unforgettable experience. You can expect daily workouts set against the backdrop of the island's stunning landscapes. Yes please to sunrise yoga! Exploration will fill our days as we discover the land on foot and embrace the beauty of the Aegean Sea. Find moments of peace as you soak in the sun's warmth and calm your minds in the Lava Spa towards the end of the day. As night draws in, we will bask in the glow of dreamy sunsets, offering a moment of reflection and tranquillity. Join us on this Greek island adventure as we nourish our bodies, expand our minds, and rejuvenate our spirits on this active retreat. If you are looking to travel, keep fit and connect with like minded individuals then hit the link below.